Practicon Cool Cassette Green 5 Instrument Container

Cool Cassette Green 5 Instrument Container
Item# PST-IGI-7039770-GR
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Product Description

  • Smooth, soft-touch Cool Cassettes are superior to metal cassettes in many ways:

  • Cooler-Solid silicone construction dissipates heat faster than steel for faster removal from the autoclave

  • Safer-No sharp edges that can tear gloves and pouches, or injure hands

  • Quieter-No metal surfaces to create noise, scratch instruments or mirrors

  • Easier to open-Snap on lids "peel off" easily yet hold securely

  • Two safety bands included add extra security when storing the containers on their sides

  • More compact-Lids stack underneath to reduce tray workspace requirements

  • Longer-lasting-No hinges, locks or moving parts to break

  • More colorful-Color-coded for operatory or instrument set-ups

  • Lighter-10% lighter weight than equivalent steel cassettes

  • Lower cost-Cost about 40% less than equivalent steel cassettes

  • Due to their solid silicone construction, interior instrument saddles can be cut with scissors to accommodate large-handled instruments, if desired

  • All containers hold instruments up to 7-1/8" long

  • Fully sterilizable to 375 F

  • Includes (1) A-W syringe tip clip

  • Measures 8" (L) x 3-5/8" (W) x 1-3/8" (H) outside